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Diana B.
Age 21, From Vancouver, Canada

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I'm a model/actress/recording artist from Vancouver, Canada.

Nationality: Canadian, although my background is half Scottish and half Egyptian

Weight training and yoga (Ashtangi)
Bad movies (but I have a soft spot for MST3K, anything Raimi, and anything that has a zombie in it)
Anime (With Bubblegum Crisis and Battle Angel Elita topping my list)
Horse-back riding

Favorite Movies: Labyrinth is that the forefront followed by anything Tim Burton, Kevin Smith stuff,
and Russ Meyer films for those long cold nights.

Favorite Authors: T.S.Elliot, Minette Walters, Poppy Z.Brite, and the illustrious Anne Rice in all her incarnations.

Pets: Willow, small person covered in fur and with fangs. More commonly referred to as a cat. Mina, sweet, dumb, pushy yellow lab that is under the misunderstanding that she's a lap dog.

Zodiac: Scorpio

Favorite Foods: Sushi and chocolate, although generally not served together. I also have the occasional craving for creme brullee, tirimisu, and foo-foo coffee drinks.

As your Imaginary Girlfriend, I can offer the following:

Personalized hand-written letters, e-mails, photos, MSN Messenger chat, phone messages.

Diana is currently unavailable. Please check back.

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